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Artist Statement


      My work teeters on the fringe of sculpture and painting. Utilizing sculptural forms as a surface to apply autonomous mark making allows for me to fully engage in a conversation between the crafted sculpture and myself. This construct grants me the ability to stand on the threshold of the conscious and unconscious thus accentuating the purposefulness of each action. The work then begins to take on idiosyncrasies that bring the piece to life. My creations lure the viewer in for an intimate experience using subtle details, while engaging the space the work occupies with strange and irregular structures. The works formal qualities embrace a zany and bizarre body, while elegantly maintaining sophisticated and delicate marks that emphasize the carefully crafted finished piece.


      I am interested in constructing works that spark the imagination of the viewer, inviting them to form a personal narrative using my work as a guideline. The imagination is accentuated by mixing marks that lightly reference a person, place or thing with purely abstract forms and colors. This causes the brain to attempt to link things together while still not having a firm grasp on what that thought might be. Having large spaces of untouched space on the surface creates a void that some will find calming while others will find unsettling.  The balance between heavy materials such as wood with the light frailness of paper, line work, and attention to detail establishes a beautiful dialog with the ephemeral and the timeless. My work also encourages the viewer to explore ideas of existentialism and self-discovery.


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